Amir Thaleb born in Argentina, a descendant of Arabs is in the list of the principal and best Bellydance teachers and dancers in the world, recognized by masters in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Canada and the United States. Due to this broad recognition and admiration, Amir is constantly teaching seminars and performing in countries all over the world. He receives in his school a large amount of students from throughout Argentina and abroad. After a long time seeking and researching, he is able to shape his art with spiritual sense and an exquisite selection of the best. His audience, even the most skeptical ones, is attracted by his sensitive magic. His very personal way of dancing is based on autochthonic roots but of contemporary vanguard style. He is admired by his colleagues and celebrated by specialized columnists. Amir has danced in places as Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Canada. • Egypt (invited by the Opera House and The Academy of Fine Art in 1984 and the International Dance Festival of Raqia Hassan as master and dancer in 2006, 2007 and 2008). Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Russia, France, Taiwán, Korea.

He has received the following awards and honors:
•“Michael Borowsky” - granted by UNESCO. •“Ugarit” and “Khalil Gibran” granted by the Arab Community in Argentina. •“The best new star” granted by Giza Academy Awards in the United States. •His Arabian Dance School has been considered by the CIAD, as the best professional school in South America. •Declared “Prodigal Son” by General Pueyrredón council, Mar del Plata, Argentina. •Declared “Visitante distinguido” by Santiago del Estero Council, Argentina. •He was granted with the “Appreciation Award” by the Taiwan Belly Dance Association for his contribution to Oriental Dance in that country. •He has been nominated by the Kaohsiung Belly Dance Association as “Permanent Consultant” for the development of oriental dance in Taiwan.
He is the author of the book "The hidden language of the Vintage Belly Dance" published in Spanish, English and Italian languages. He has given conferences in the National Library in Geneva, Italy. He was distinguished for his artistic work in OGGI, the Italian magazine. He has been invited to various national and international television programs, UNIVISION, NBC, ANTENA 3 and RAI (Italia), among others.
He has shared the stage with the most prominent Middle Eastern stars, such as Nagwa Fuad, Farida Fahmi, Mahmoud Reda, Tito, Randa Kamel, Dina, Ahmet Luleci, Raqia Hassan, Jillina, Aziza and Virginia. He has also danced to the music of the most important Arabian violinist; Abu Abdel Al, among other important artists

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Amir Thaleb

Argentinian Male Mega Star